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Allow Me, to Take You For a Ride

June 20, 2010 By: Blythe Category: CCGs, LARP, Leagues and Tourneys, Store News, Wargaming

Some people may wonder what this photo has to do with the post. I say its awesome, just like our members.May the God Emperor bless our members. So often I am asked “How can I help the club”, or “What does the organization need”, people are ready and eager to donate tangible items. Things like fans, or chairs, or what have you. The fact is we get those things off of Craigslist, or purchase them using the dues our members pay.

What we really need is people to coordinate and run games. This doesn’t have to be anything huge, just you, a few friends having a good night. Have an old table top RPG you have been wanting to play for a while? Run it! We have members chomping at the bit to play in some home brew games.  Right now we have Call of Cthulhu, World of Darkness, and Scion being ran at The Bulwark, and we have plenty of people asking about other games too!

Do you love a board game and want to get some players together?  Let me know, and I will create an event. If you are interested in playing a game the club can order a copy for you at a huge discount!

So when people ask me, “how do I give back” I tell them just have fun, and bring people along for the ride.

Show Your Team Colors

May 05, 2010 By: Blythe Category: Store News

It is said in the before-times, before the Great Enlightenment lead by Gary Gygax, t-shirts were an acceptable form of conveying support for a belief. It is said that one would don a t-shirt and his peers would say “That man shares interests of my own”, and “I derive mirth from his apparel”.  After the Great Enlightenment though, many a scoundrel and fiend did cross the land donning t-shirts proclaiming that they may have at one point “rolled twenties” or that they support the Elder God Cthulhu for democratic election to a high office.  These fiends would where these shirts for fortnights, never removing their second skins till they were compelled by their mothers, who dwelled above the basement on the surface.

What are good and honest men to do? The noble history of the t-shirt has been sullied by lesser men; how does a man convey his beliefs for more than one day at a time without falling into an abyssal spiral of poor hygiene? Gentlemen the Bulwark has peered into the darkness, and from its tenebrous depth pulled out your salvation! Gentlemen, I give you – the bandanna!

During Kublacon Team Chico and members of the Bulwark will be wearing yellow bandannas to show team solidarity. These bandannas are guaranteed to be versatile, square, and less likely to get skuzzy than your average con t-shirt.  Also, the bandannas are cheap, only a $1.  Want more? Buy two!  Nothing says “you are about to get rolled” like rolling up with four other guys showing team unity. Here are some events that Team Chico and Bulwark members have signed up for.