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Kublacon Scavenger Hunt

May 26, 2010 By: Blythe Category: Leagues and Tourneys

Thank you for participating in the Bulwark Scavenger Hunt. Participation is fairly straight forward, but there are some basic ground rules. First and foremost this is supposed to be fun for you as well as the people who aren’t playing, don’t bring down your table, or hog up all the Storyteller’s time, and if the goal is an out of character one, make sure the people involved are okay with it. Bulwark members, & friends of the organization cannot sign off on achievements or participate in them (yes Karen is from the Midwest, but she doesn’t count).

Each category will tell you whether or not it is an “In-Character” goal (IC) or an “Out-of-Character” goal (OoC). IC goals should be completed IC, OoC goals should be completed by actual people with tangible items. Each category will also tell you what is required to prove you completed the deed. If a judge, DM, opponent or person doesn’t want to participate, don’t hold it against them. Again this is supposed to be fun. Finally, if you have to cheat at a convention scavenger hunt, you have more problems than cheating at a convention scavenger hunt.  You will need to email any photos you have, these are due Friday 6/4 to

Walkin’ Around (OoC, Item or photo required)
Get a business card form Geek Chic.
Get a photo(s) hugging 3 con staff in vests.
Get a photo with someone in a kilt.
Donate a pint of blood. (triple points)
Get a photo with a LARPer.
Get a photo with an RPGA judge.
Get a photo with O’Shaserra.
Buy a d6 from the Chessex booth.
Drink a beer (or soda if under 21).
Get a photo w/ someone from the Midwest.
(OoC)Play in a non vampire LARP, have ST initial.
Get photo of something from 2nd ed D&D.
Paint a mini in speed painting. Get photo of that mini.
Stick a kick-me sign on Bulwark member get photo.
Eat at Knuckle’s, keep bill.
Get photo in the hospitality room on top floors
Take a photo at the Polycon booth.
Take a hotel pen.
Tell someone about the Bulwark, have them sign their name on the fourth word on the second paragraph.

ACE & LUX10 V:TM LARP (IC, Player ST or Item Card Required)
Win 3 chops in a row, have player initial.
Loose 3 chops in a row, have player initial.
Acquire a piece of Toreador art, get item card.
Acquire a business from a Ventrue, get item card.
Earn a major boon, have player initial.
Earn a minor boon, have player initial.
Buy a small gun, get item card.
Buy a large gun, get item card.
Acquire a Malkavian’s shoe, get item card.
Acquire Boreal Wine, get item card.
Obtain an occult trinket from a Tremere, get item card.
Get a compass from a Gangrel, get item card.
Pick a fight with a Brujah, have player initial.
Buy a katana from an Assamite, get item card.
Gain a derangement, have ST initial.
Gamble on something petty, player initial.
Loose a humanity, ST initial.
Gain a humanity, ST initial.
Win a poker hand against Shanghai Kelly, get his signature.
Tell a Nosferatu something he doesn’t know, get his signature.

A Game of Thrones (OoC, Signature of opponent required, photo if specified)
Make a humorous comment about incest.
Sit by houses in alphabetical order, get photo.
Earn 7 power in one round.
Get a photo with a Lannister player.
Remove Bear Island from play.
Get a photo of Robert Baratheon stinking drunk.
Take the Hand of the King title, take picture.
Make a funny “Bro”atheon joke.
End a game with 15 power.
Give a player one of your characters during a game.
Defend a Bulwark member who you support.
Cut off Lord Eddard’s head for treason.
Share a mug of wildling mead with someone.
Spend 10 gold in one turn.
Witness an opponent reaching 0 cards in his house deck.
Play in a game where no one has an agenda.

RPGA (IC, GM signature)
Get TPK’d.
See a man about a horse.
Put out an ever burning torch.
Purchase eye of newt.
Drink 5 healing potions.
Stick your head in a bag of holding.
Kill a non-minion in one hit.
(OoC) Have a table-mate draw your PC.
Tell a story about Admiral Melvin Tottlebottom.
Win a skill challenge by 20 or more points.
Run out of healing surges.
Roll a twenty on a death save.
End a module with all your dailies left.
Hug an ogre.
(OoC) Collect three of the same Reward Card.
Roll a critical attack.
Praise Aybar, peace be unto him.
Find a Guzzling Griffin inn.
Buy a torch from a Halfling.
Start a recycling program.
Order a sandwich from a Kenku.
Have an elf wash your clothing.
Ride a creature two size categories larger than you for three rounds.

Warhammer (OoC, Judge or opponent signature required, photo if specified)
Make a 6+ armour save.
Win the sportsmanship award in a tournament.
Beat a Blood Angels list.
Take down a fully kitted out Falcon.
Get a bit from a stranger.
Lend someone your glue, take picture.
Loose all three matches.
Play, and beat another member of the Bulwark.
Take a photo of one of your units being especially badass.

Steal the initiative.
Get a photo of you shaking hands with your 1st opponent.
Purge the unclean!
Get a photo of you shaking hands with your 2nd opponent.
Win all three matches.
Get a photo of you shaking hands with your 3rd opponent.
Win the Golden Gargant Award.
Table your opponent.
Get tabled by your opponent.

Miscellaneous (IC, OoC, Signature of opponents required, photo if specified)
Trade sheep for wood, take picture.
Play a game of Munchkin w/ 3 other people.
Destroy an agent of Horus.
Worship the Elder Gods.
Make a blasphemous statement while playing Blasphemy.
Deal 10 or more damage in M:TG.
Play a game which has not been released publicly yet.
Play as Alexander the Great.
Defend Gettysburg.
Discover a new location.
Call DOCWagon.
Take first in a game of Carabonde
Purchase a number at the auction.
Save the fleet from a Cylon raid.
Get a picture with Eddi Birsan
Capture Piedmont
Win a tournament.
Take the Longest Road award
Take the Largest Army award.
Play a mono-color deck.
Try a game you have never played before, and did not score any scavenger points with, take a picture.
Play 7 different games and get one opponent’s signature on the first period of each of the first 7 lines of text.

Bonus points: My Awesome Achievement
List one major achievement you had during this convention. Whoever has the most awesome achievement will gain a point.

The Young Wolf – New Players Let Westeros Burn

May 18, 2010 By: Blythe Category: CCGs, Leagues and Tourneys

Last night The Bulwark hosted a newbie night for A Game of Thrones the Living Card Game. This fantastic game pits players against the other great houses of Westeros in a dangerous game of politics, power, and displays of military might. Each house has their own unique feel, and the game thrives on group mechanics and chains of victories instead of hoary combos that win the game in a few turns.

The local community is happy to welcome several new players into the hobby, who each assumed one of the core houses of Westeros. Margo Franks as house Stark emerged victorious after house Lannister over extended themselves and allowed Stark to press the advantage.  In the adjacent room, on the Jared Gilmore Memorial Table the Bulwark Vets had a dragout two and a half hour game end in a Targaryen victory (lead by Drew Flicker) with Martell one challenge from victory (played by Karen Hechel). “If Drew would have made me loose that stupid challenge I would have won,” Karen lamented. Oh well Martell, maybe next time.

We are happy to welcome all the new players to Chico’s premier A Game of Thrones Living Card Game league as we start up our second season.

Savior of the Seat, Brahmin of the Butt – A Special Thanks

May 14, 2010 By: Blythe Category: Store News

Special thanks go out to Drew Flicker who helped the Bulwark get hooked up with some new chairs. These new chairs will firmly cradle your posterior while you enjoy hours and hours of cozy gaming at your FLGS.

Show Your Team Colors

May 05, 2010 By: Blythe Category: Store News

It is said in the before-times, before the Great Enlightenment lead by Gary Gygax, t-shirts were an acceptable form of conveying support for a belief. It is said that one would don a t-shirt and his peers would say “That man shares interests of my own”, and “I derive mirth from his apparel”.  After the Great Enlightenment though, many a scoundrel and fiend did cross the land donning t-shirts proclaiming that they may have at one point “rolled twenties” or that they support the Elder God Cthulhu for democratic election to a high office.  These fiends would where these shirts for fortnights, never removing their second skins till they were compelled by their mothers, who dwelled above the basement on the surface.

What are good and honest men to do? The noble history of the t-shirt has been sullied by lesser men; how does a man convey his beliefs for more than one day at a time without falling into an abyssal spiral of poor hygiene? Gentlemen the Bulwark has peered into the darkness, and from its tenebrous depth pulled out your salvation! Gentlemen, I give you – the bandanna!

During Kublacon Team Chico and members of the Bulwark will be wearing yellow bandannas to show team solidarity. These bandannas are guaranteed to be versatile, square, and less likely to get skuzzy than your average con t-shirt.  Also, the bandannas are cheap, only a $1.  Want more? Buy two!  Nothing says “you are about to get rolled” like rolling up with four other guys showing team unity. Here are some events that Team Chico and Bulwark members have signed up for.


Strange Aeons – 12 Months to 1500 Points.

May 04, 2010 By: Blythe Category: Leagues and Tourneys, Wargaming

The Bulwark is proud to welcome the players of the “Strange Aeons – 12 Months to 1500 Points” Warhammer Fantasy Campaign! This campaign is being ran by Ben Blythe. Right now the campaign is full, but as slots open up the group would love to welcome new players!  The group will meet every other Friday, opposite of New Haven by Night to host open painting nights, and meet on Sundays for campaign turns.  The current list of players and their armies are below, with a description of the campaign setting.

(View the image for high res.)